CELINE Paris Black Cropped Zip Bottom Tight SKinnyCotton Jeans Pants Belt Sz 36 4 5 6

CELINE Paris Black Cropped Zip Bottom Tight SKinnyCotton Jeans Pants Belt Sz 36 4 5 6

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This is an authenticity guaranteed CELINE Black pedal pants
94% Cotton, 6% Spandex
Made in France
There is a zipper around the lower waist that can be unzip all around.
Has zipper and button closures.

The size tag says 36 and might fit sizes 4,5,6 woman but please compare the measurement below to make sure this will fit you; no returns or exchanges if it doesn't fit.

Measurement below are approximate, taken flat not stretched and all in inches:
length (top of waist to bottom): 32 inch.
waist: 14 inch.
rise: 10.5 inch
hips: 17 inch
thigh: 9 inch
inseams: 22 inch
bottom wide: 5.75 inch

CONDITION: This is in excellent condition with exception of some creasing and slight storage smell.
Good quality, rare and stylish.
Please examine the numerous pictures below to better evaluate the quality and condition of this item.
If using cellphone, please click "item description" to see all the photographs.
All sales are final; no returns or exchanges.
Thank you!

 photo 6174645536_IMG_0123_zps8buvcg5n.jpg  photo 6174645536_IMG_0124_zpsto9z29hl.jpg  photo 6174645536_IMG_0145_zpsq1eniov3.jpg  photo 6174645536_IMG_0144_zpspthtwash.jpg  photo 6174645536_IMG_0143_zpsuyz3n8ud.jpg  photo 6174645536_IMG_0142_zpsdrfy6ybz.jpg  photo 6174645536_IMG_0141_zpsb8omy3rr.jpg  photo 6174645536_IMG_0140_zpsrtgsxk5a.jpg  photo 6174645536_IMG_0139_zps1ldngmrs.jpg  photo 6174645536_IMG_0138_zps8vccuhfy.jpg  photo 6174645536_IMG_0137_zpsxesqz756.jpg  photo 6174645536_IMG_0136_zpse167jmi9.jpg  photo 6174645536_IMG_0135_zps0g3jka04.jpg  photo 6174645536_IMG_0134_zpswveuhzor.jpg  photo 6174645536_IMG_0133_zpshnzbjcmx.jpg  photo 6174645536_IMG_0132_zps9fzdmvyn.jpg  photo 6174645536_IMG_0131_zpskpto569g.jpg  photo 6174645536_IMG_0129_zpsd0qmjppv.jpg  photo 6174645536_IMG_0128_zpsjku4xfsy.jpg  photo 6174645536_IMG_0126_zps19c1nf13.jpg  photo 6174645536_IMG_0125_zpspmneyvem.jpg
 photo 6174645536_IMG_0123_zps8buvcg5n.jpg  photo 6174645536_IMG_0124_zpsto9z29hl.jpg