Genuine PRADA Tan Canvas Tote  Leather Trim Double Handle Italy

Genuine PRADA Tan Canvas Tote Leather Trim Double Handle Italy

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PRADA Tan color Canvas Tote with orange-yellow leather trim, double handle and top zip closure. Green fabric logo lining, inside zip pocket.
Measurements are: Length 16 in, Height 11 in, Width 2 in filled, Handle Drop 7 in.
Exterior canvas in generally good condition, no tears or scratches but some very light small stains or discolorations in a few areas, see photos. Leather trim and handles in good condition with very little wear. Inside lining in good condition, no stains, marks or tears, zip closure is good.  Overall a very stylish and practical bag. Please examine the photos below to further evaluate the condition of this bag, all sales are final, no returns or exchanges, thanks for looking!


IMG_5662_fkESR9UungCm2mWvVhEUsu IMG_5663_hRXtjTMHudXB1NVXKMRvqQ IMG_5664_9XNC86dh39z5K4DPMh3RRT IMG_5665_j6odqLDY3L758Mt6PLTiDn IMG_5666_tB3PJzoD5g1cpFoFPgFdvF IMG_5671_jPZ8tLfAWqyKdSJaV4co7c IMG_5667_hdQUDfVpkMyWJV2LpEAM9f IMG_5669_og9Tpi9pEvxLj797YMAumu IMG_5668_3vjvRRHJ7s2G97u87Y5SeK IMG_5670_wUnCkwNNh74Gy8WfdVtqjw IMG_5673_eEX8KnXZFtfUMZqJZFQPwt IMG_5674_gDMTi1KgzRKvoVaMgb7P49 IMG_5672_kN7tctVmmDk6LP7GSYdpCu IMG_5675_xcJeZ4ZocsCaRQyra3DgXH IMG_5677_2R5pGeFBXbRrTr5AAcrZiN IMG_5676_m5rRarp2UfAncSYsgQkPjS IMG_5679_57qTMJ9hUpp9d8GCVmNJUt IMG_5678_2hFCnujuJjNQ2HzZ1gsbVG IMG_5682_cZNxni5h6F4fNoK8L9dDpp IMG_5680_oTJQz3z3c33j8NAXPgtfny IMG_5683_kXHdQouoRmbfUMvw2fUkbc IMG_5684_sU2M4E7HrWY8hQZZDE7u3C IMG_5688_3VTUJzxX91VQVAXh1QA8Km IMG_5690_nikHVRp3w1xWzohfukChxD IMG_5691_s1iHFWBEXiPpyQ2bShE2aF IMG_5689_eRpb7VVjpeNnCW32H6bPDf IMG_5694_gGBLBGmHMDLb4gLhd9BEn9 IMG_5692_nFyGSx6LKp9RzjvxETVYmj IMG_5693_73coWYy1BBCK99yB6MSEVU IMG_5685_wew1iShnA8PEE7pPmNuGsT