GUCCI Hysteria Large GG Logo Signatures Hobo SHoulder Duffel Bag

GUCCI Hysteria Large GG Logo Signatures Hobo SHoulder Duffel Bag

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Authenticity guaranteed, older GUCCI Hysteria large GG logo shoulder bag
Approximate size: 15.5 to 16 inch widest point x 12 inch tallest point  x 5.5 inch deep
Has two 7 inch drop leather handles
Has zip top opening,
Roomy interior with brown nylon with Gucci print allover
Has a zip pocket
Date code reads: 211843 491403
made in Italy

This is a gently used GUCCI bag, everything is solid with exception of considerable light cracking and drying of the glossy top coating (please see detailed photos below, this needs a trip to a professional leather re-conditioner)
-- interior remained beautiful and in excellent condition
-- no rips or holes just the top coating which is normal to this style of GUCCI bag
-- solid handles but has light dirt and rub marks on coating
-- overall solid, beautiful and stylish GUCCI bag
Please see all the detailed photos and read the complete descriptions before purchasing.
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