Vintage CELINE Paris Earliest Burgundy Calf Leather Box Shoulder Bag

Vintage CELINE Paris Earliest Burgundy Calf Leather Box Shoulder Bag

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This is an authenticity guaranteed vintage CELINE Burgundy leather calf skin box bag shoulder bag
Approximate size is 10 inches widest point x 7 inches tallest point x 3.5 inches deep when filled
Has 13 inch drop adjustable leather strap.
Gold-tone metal front closure with "horse carriage"
Three compartment with zip and open pockets inside.
Made in Italy.

This is an older, vintage and used CELINE shoulder bag with some cosmetic flaws:
-- interior is solid and intact with exception of scattered scratch marks on lining.
-- solid exterior but has some scattered scratches, scuffings and some indentation marks on body.
-- back of upper left side has a slightly raised spot but only noticeable when examined closely (please see pictures).
-- there is also an approximately half an inch scratch mark near the center of back.
-- bottom corners has some rubbing.
--solid strap but has some minor rub marks as well.
Overall still a beautiful and solid CELINE bag; nice, rare and stylish for collector.
Please examine the numerous pictures below to better evaluate the quality and condition of this item.
Selling as is; no returns or exchanges.
Thank you.

 photo Feb182014376_zps73c12b93.jpg  photo Feb182014371_zps88675cc7.jpg
 photo Feb182014225_zpsbf1f4253.jpg  photo Feb182014224_zps6fe756c7.jpg  photo Feb182014223_zpsb957e667.jpg

Please note the picture below showing an almost half an inch scratch mark. photo Feb182014222_zps0a242130.jpg  photo Feb182014221_zps86164b59.jpg  photo Feb182014220_zpscd1b4f09.jpg  photo Feb182014219_zps08a00274.jpg  photo Feb182014218_zps2873f838.jpg  photo Feb182014217_zps1b38c964.jpg  photo Feb182014216_zpscae40447.jpg  photo Feb182014215_zps12983155.jpg  photo Feb182014214_zpsafbb3f48.jpg  photo Feb182014213_zpse38d9908.jpg  photo Feb182014212_zpse3a11b35.jpg  photo Feb182014211_zps96caeb45.jpg  photo Feb182014210_zps95c764db.jpg  photo Feb182014209_zps029cc247.jpg  photo Feb182014208_zps4ae0d342.jpg  photo Feb182014207_zpsa76b9bdf.jpg  photo Feb182014205_zps8b858659.jpg  photo Feb182014204_zpsee294cbe.jpg  photo Feb182014203_zpsad186dd2.jpg  photo Feb182014202_zps338bf67a.jpg  photo Feb182014201_zpse2ce951a.jpg  photo Feb182014200_zps0039068f.jpg  photo Feb182014199_zps46cf67f6.jpg  photo Feb182014198_zps2059a7a6.jpg  photo Feb182014197_zps497ea123.jpg  photo Feb182014196_zpsaab9c7c3.jpg  photo Feb182014195_zps267b05dd.jpg  photo Feb182014194_zpsf0d7c306.jpg  photo Feb182014193_zps3e532223.jpg  photo Feb182014191_zpsa656b825.jpg  photo Feb182014190_zpse59173a4.jpg  photo Feb182014189_zpsd5b64dff.jpg

Please note the picture below showing the slightly raised area on its back.

 photo Feb182014188_zps04776290.jpg  photo Feb182014187_zps53bf2fd9.jpg  photo Feb182014186_zpsc256dee2.jpg  photo Feb182014185_zps1b5c6cf5.jpg  photo Feb182014184_zpsef3744a4.jpg  photo Feb182014183_zpsa5d13f68.jpg  photo Feb182014182_zps9b999625.jpg photo Feb182014375_zps6a97b29d.jpg  photo Feb182014372_zps42e9c796.jpg